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If you have considered a specific kind of learning, had in mind some further study, or a skill to enhance upon, adult learning centres will be just what you need. Well-established adult education centres will help develop your skills, provide you with essential knowledge and show you ways to achieve the very best results.

There are also numerous colleges and universities offering further education, on both academic and creative learning levels. KuKu London has sourced for all potential students, the very best adult education centres here in London.

In summary, pursuing your goals and achievements may just be around the corner. So live, learn and do what makes you happy! It’s never too late to learn something new.

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adult educationCity Lit

Founded in 1919 and located in Keeley Street, Holborn, this is a very well-known, accredited and extremely popular organisation. City Lit offers over 5,000 different types of adult education courses and classes to over 26,000 students, which can be taught in short days, evenings or weekends. Just a few of the courses available include; art and design, history, culture and writing, technology, science and business, health and lifestyle, languages, performing arts, essential skills and specialist learning. Courses are held in different City Lit sites across London and international students (according to visa status), are also welcome.

1-10 Keeley Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 4BA
Tel: 0207 831 7831 [Enrolments]

adult educationWestminster
Adult Education Service

Westminster’s only specialist adult education provider, offers qualification and general interest courses for all levels of learning. Students can choose from classes during the day, evening, or weekend. Just a few of the courses available include; English, maths, accounting and business, apprenticeships, childcare and teaching, languages, health and well-being, ceramics, cookery and fashion.

219 Lisson Grove, London NW8 8LW
Tel: 0207 297 7297

adult educationLondonTown

This popular website has a London education directory that lists some very interesting types of courses and unique and innovative workshops. With wine, food, fitness, painting and drawing, floristry and glass making, to name but a few, it’s sure to get some of you motivated into doing something different and completely out-of-the norm!

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You may also be very interested in checking out KuKu London’s Bespoke Service, here on this website. If you are seeking help, we have the solution!

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