The word chakra means a spinning wheel of energy and we have seven of these chakra energy points in our body in which energy passes through. This energy is charged and recharged by connecting with a stream of cosmic energy in the atmosphere. If the chakras become blocked because of stress, illness and perhaps mental/physical problems, energy cannot flow freely and this may then cause physical illnesses to develop and the body may also feel out of balance.

Listed below and with reference to the diagram, are the 7 chakras along with an explanation of their role and where they are location throughout the body.

chakras image set in front of a red and purple sunset

To awaken and heal the energy body, open your chakras by concentrating on the breath and breathe deeply and evenly. Visualise each chakra through each area, beginning from the root to the crown. Picture energy flow of each chakra colour throughout the meditation process.

7.  The Crown Chakra – Violet
6.  The Third Eye – Indigo
5.  The Throat – Blue or Turquoise
4.  The Heart – Green
3.  The Solar Plexus – Yellow
2.  The Sacral (or Navel Chakra) – Orange
1.  The Base (or Root Chakra) – Red

main chakra areas demonstrated on a chart with colour and titles

main chakras demonstrated on a chart with titles on black background

The following practitioners, who are extremely well-rated in London, have an holistic approach and they may help alleviate stress and other symptoms caused by the pressures of everyday life. Throughout your appointment, you can expect to feel relaxed, calm and experience ultimately, a more balanced state of mind.

Sira Alternative Medicine

Marshall Street Wellbeing Centre
15 Marshall Street, [Carnaby Street/Soho], London W1F 7EL
Tel: 07852 134 437

Zowie Conway Massage and Healing

The Grocery
54-56 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London E2 8DP
Tel: 0207 739 6545

Therapies at The Grocery

The Grocery
54-56 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London E2 8DP
Tel: 0207 739 6545  [As above]

Zannah Merricks Body & Spirit Healing

32 Cholmeley Crescent, Highgate N6 5HA
Tel: 07970 525 580

crystal ball with illuminated garden insidehanging gold bell with heart shaped links attached to it

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