With cinema becoming a family affair these days, especially the Saturday morning slots, it’s no wonder the big screen is holding its own. Films are big business and rely heavily on advertising to maintain top rate listings and an impressive turnover at the box office, which is of course their ultimate goal. Bring a book to life with cinema and, whether it’s comedy, thrillers or action movies you seek, there’s always a great choice at one of your local cinemas; to be enjoyed by all!


Up-to-date listings and the latest information on the newest film releases across the whole of the London areas, can all be found here on this page. Keep in the know and see what’s on today. An exciting trip to the cinema is a great treat for anyone and everyone this weekend!

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Kids Pass
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Great website, covering a variety of cinema deals and activity ideas for children. This website also offers creative and fun solutions for the whole family, keeping everyone entertained over the coming months! Not only for the typically average family, Kids Pass covers business, schools and corporate needs too. With over a million members, why not join now?

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For the very best luxury cinemas across London, check out this extremely informative website, where the top visual entertaining establishments such as Vue and The Odeon including (IMAX), can be found.

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You may also be very interested in checking out KuKu London’s Bespoke Service, here on this website. If you are seeking help, we have the solution!

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