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Creams and lotions contain more ingredients than ever before. Let’s talk shelf life and the importance of choosing the right product. We all want the products we buy to last until it’s actually used up. No-one likes to spend more than they should on expensive creams and lotions. However, you can’t expect creams and lotions with active ingredients in them to last for years. Anything in a jar should be thrown away after nine months. If it’s in a pump, then it’s OK for one year. Body lotions are generally used up pretty quickly, but if not, discard after one year. Anything with SPF in will have a shorter shelf life. Keep all products away from heat and sunlight to prolong shelf life.

Now, face creams can cost from anything around £20 to over £2,000, but are they any good? Many have active ingredients and claim to reduce redness and wrinkles, tighten skin and give you the lift you want. They sound like a miracle in a bottle. However, diet, exercise, genetics and age all play a role in the way you look too, don’t you think? If you are looking for a healthier complexion or perhaps an excellent choice of beauty products for your completed look, these websites will not disappoint!

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An amazing spa and shop within Selfridges, London, this huge store has introduced an exclusive and exciting range from Cowshed.

Not only can you buy these beautiful, quality products, you can also indulge yourself in the most exquisitely, delightful head to toe pampering sessions that will definitely satisfy your senses. A must-have for every woman!

Estee Lauder

This company offers both website and their well-established shop brands; favoured by many women over the years. The site boasts a good selection of categories which are very easy to navigate and browse. With skincare, maintenance and fragrances along with their best sellers, gift guides and trending options, you are sure to find something that suits.

Look Fantastic

A superb online only website, offering top quality products. Excellent top brand makeup ranges are available and their vast choice is particularly outstanding. Everything from face and body, to fragrances and electrical. There is also a good range for men too. Free worldwide delivery is a great bonus!

Feel Unique

An online only website, offering a wide range of top brand products, from makeup, recommended products, a unique boutique, electricals and a clear A-Z listing for those must-have brands. A great incentive are the free samples and gift vouchers, with the all important free deliveries when you spend over £15.00.

creams and lotions

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