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If you have a busy schedule, a hectic lifestyle or limited time to organise a meal, a food-delivery service can be the perfect answer to a more relaxing time in your day. The popularity of these services are undoubtedly growing and  broader areas are being covered across London, so choice and customer service is hugely important. Hopefully, a more streamlined, efficient service can still be given, whilst raising the bar in fulfilling higher expectations and customer satisfaction to all food delivery service customers.

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Gousto food-delivery servicesThe in-house chefs at Gousto create perfectly measured food-delivery, of healthy and delicious meals. Choose from 24 weekly recipes and the box size for your meal. The fresh ingredients are then delivered nationwide to your door for you to cook, on any day of the week. There’s also a gluten-free and plant-based option too. Fun instructions for all levels of experience and £25 off your first order!

Hungry House

A takeaway food-delivery dream if you’d prefer not to cook. With a choice of all cuisines, just type in your postcode and this will then show all the restaurants in your area. Choice which one you prefer and then choose your menu. It couldn’t be more simple. Waiting times and star ratings for each restaurant are shown as standard with a minimum order required in order to receive ‘free delivery’.


Deliveroo food-delivery servicesEnter your postcode and this food-delivery service brings local restaurant cuisines into everyone’s home or office and they say it’s fast! You order food from the online selections of your best loved local restaurants, who otherwise may not offer a delivery service. The choice is phenomenal! Typically, the minimum order is £15.00 and delivery is from noon until 23.00.

Just Eat

An online food-delivery ordering service, which delivers from your local takeaway. You can choose to pick-up or choose the delivery option. They suggest recommendations and highly reviewed offers in your area. A six star-rating system, information on distance, delivery price and the minimum spend are all clearly listed. Just Eat operates in 13 countries and has over 20,000 food delivery restaurants on their website.

Wiltshire Farm Foods

A food-delivery company that is very popular and have run many campaigns across TV networks. Although meals look rather standard, they boast some truly great incentives. Dietary needs are very well catered for and their foods all meet the best nutritional standards. Aimed also at the more elderly market, foods can come as extra tender, soft and pureed. Delivery is free everywhere across the UK.

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You may also be very interested in checking out KuKu London’s Health and Nutrition page, here on this website. The posts are FAB and very informative!

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