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Contemporary Furnishings and Beautiful Decor

We all love and want the beauty and style of chic, stylish, current or modern-day furnishings. Popularity in interior styles and designs change less frequently these days, with a minimalistic theme at the forefront of ones preferential desires. However, a broader range is a definite approach, combining both modern and classically aged styles such as inherited, vintage and antique, that can go hand in hand, if a little thought is given.

Our home is our temple and whatever budget you have in mind, colour or design of furnishings you choose, a less-is-more approach may be all that is needed. All these most reputable companies offer quality their customers would expect and will spruce up your beautiful home in no time at all.

Quality Furniture

Check out the modern, unpretentious furniture items, either online or in-store. Always offering the most up-to-date styles and stunningly beautiful elegance that goes into every piece.

  Heals  ✥  Dwell  ✥  Habitat  ✥  Lombok  ✥  Loaf

 Harvey Nicols  ✥  fciLondon  ✥  The Cotswold Co.

   The Sofa and Chair Company London

B&B Italia London  ✥  BoConcept  ✥  Made.com

Furniture, Furnishings and Homeware

For the ultimate in defined luxury and quality as standard, click below and explore these enormously large and most popular stores. In fact, they offer just about everything you could possibly imagine!

harvey nichols - furniture, style and design

John Lewis   ✥   Harrods   ✥   Selfridges   ✥   Harvey Nichols

Oka cushion bolster for furnitureOka cushion square for furnitureOka gold coffee table - furniture

Furnishings and Accessories

All luxurious extras are a must-have too! Take a look at these great quality products on these well-established and loved websites or visit in-store. Always consistently offering their exquisite quality and style as standard.

The White Company   ✥   Designers Guild

Marks and Spencer   ✥   Laura Ashley   ✥  OKA

  Zara H.  ✥   Next H.   ✥   Maisons Du Monde

Furniture, Furnishings, Homeware and Accessories

One of the most interesting alternatives to physically buying almost any beautiful product you could imagine, here is an extremely successful online source indeed. (Particularly liked are the high-end furnishings and beautiful bespoke products). Take a peek at Etsy for some inspiration.

✥   Etsy   ✥   WallpaperDirect   ✥

In conclusion, a website dedicated for producing magnificent, individually crafted, bespoke items. Designed and created by some of the very best crafts people of today, this is an extremely popular site! Also, check out beautiful wallpapers at Wallpaperdirect too!

furnishings, style and designfurnishings, style and design

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