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Home workouts are easily available and very popular these days. So who says you must go to the gym to work out? The simple answer is you don’t! If that sends a little light relief to your thought processes, then this solution is right for you. Home workouts is a great solution!

Listed below are top-rated mobile professional personal trainers, who will give you one-to-one home workouts, without the worry or hassle of going to the gym and the added bonus of having private workouts in your own, chosen environment. It can even be a park, or some other area, the choice is yours.

Bidvine Personal Trainers

Top personal trainers right across the whole of the UK don’t get any better than this site. It boasts five star expertise, so you’re sure to find someone to suit your speed, motivation, temperament and workout requirements. You can also choose from a yoga, pilates, massage therapist and a self defence personal instructor too! Just enter your postcode and details on their online form and you can check out the trainers available.

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[Various addresses across London]
Tel: 0888 235 788

Muddy Plimsolls Mobile Personal Training

With over 20 experienced trainers, this site claims to have the best and brightest team available and one that will no doubt fit your personality and workout needs. They have a great selection of reviews but they do lack up-to-date comments. However, their five star ratings are impressive. The London area is quite nicely covered by this site, so there should be one near you.

lady practising yoga, pilates on a mat, in a housecopper and blue weight on a light brown background

[Various addresses across London]
Tel: 0207 491 1235

Ultimate Performance

A very visual site, boasting some very clear before and after pictures, where results are truly apparent. Clearly defined options, ranging from a personal, group or online training workout program. Two locations in the central London area as well as offering a globally available service. A few words from the founder, Nick Mitchell and you are sure to be hooked on this global concern.

two people working out in an exercise routine, on a black backgroundhome workouts

2 Park Street, Mayfair W1K 2XA             44-48 Paul Street, London EC2A 4LB
Tel: 0207 118 066 [Mayfair]                    Tel: 0207 118 2022 [City of London]

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