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Getting away from it all is always on our ‘to-do list’ and rightly so! London has many things, but an endless amount of sunshine – it hasn’t! Booking amazing holiday destinations will take no time at all, thanks to smart search engines that do all the hard work for you. Just specify location, dates and preferences and choose from the most stunningly beautiful accommodation. With the kind of amenities you expect and deserve, in the most sort after areas around the world. Why not try one of these top 10 destinations; France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, America, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand or Canada? Check out these links and you are almost there!

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With over 500M customer reviews, this is the worlds largest search engine. The company’s site is extremely popular and gives you the choice to preview top destinations, hotel rentals, reviews and so much more. Not only is there a travellers choice, there’s also a five star rating system, so you have the ability to find something that won’t disappoint your high expectations. Covering an enormous selection of luxury accommodation for the UK and across the globe, this website is truly impressive and is here, right at your fingertips!

Lonely Planet

A huge amount of information, knowledge and experience comes from this well-known website. They have produced an array of quality books for travellers all over the world who are seeking help with anything and everything, from; information, accommodation, or perhaps the helpful knowledge and experience which can be shared with other travellers. They have extended their collection to:

Travel Inspiration   ✥   Food and Drink   ✥   Road Trips

Travel on a Budget   ✥   Lonely Planet [Magazine]

A subscription magazine is also available, for people who have inspiration for the most imaginative travel. Not only does the magazine cover the best destinations, there is some spectacular photography, a network of writers and top picks to check out too!

top destinations and travel agents

a selection of Lonely Planet books of different countries to visit

rock amazing destinationsdestinations

You may also be very interested in checking out KuKu London’s Fitness and Lifestyle and the Health and Nutrition page, here on this website. The posts are FAB and very informative!

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