Utilities, Internet and Mobile Phones

When you’re new to London it can be a daunting task finding out who, what and where everything is that you need in a hurry. Whether you’re moving house, updating old systems or just keen to find the very best services on offer, it’s always handy to have everything to hand straight away. A convenient selection of utilities is available right here.

Providers may temp you with offers which result in contracts and terms. Read through everything carefully; especially if you are entering into a long term contract with extras you may not even use or need further down the line.


Whichever utility company you choose you’ll be on the right track with this information. These very well known companies will be able to assist you with all your utilities and get your connection sorted for you. If it’s a reading you need, a price plan, service, maintenance or perhaps adding a new supply, they can help.

EDF Energy [Gas and Electric]

40 Grosvenor Place, Victoria, London SW1X 7EN
Tel: 0207 242 905

E.ON [Gas and Electric]

Westwood Business Park, Coventry CV4 8JN
Tel: 0345 059 9905

npower [Gas and Electric]

PO Box 177, Houghton le Spring, County Durham DH4 9AQ
Tel: 0800 073 3000

British Gas

Chase Road Industrial Estate, 51 Chase R0ad, London NW10 6PW
Tel: 0843 504 3680

Thames Water

Chancellors Road, London W6 9RS
Tel: 0800 980 8800

Council Tax

City of London, Council Tax Section, PO Box 270, Guildhall, London EC2P 2EJ
Tel: 020 7332 1882

TV Licence

TV Licencing, Greenbank Road, Darlington DL3 6EJ
Tel: 0843 837 0028



Internet and Mobile Phones

These are the most popular Internet Providers for the UK. Each have their own deals, offers and price plans with variable connection speeds. They also offer the very latest electronic devices, such as tablets, laptops and mobile phones, as well as accessories, sim cards and contracts.

Virgin Media   ✥   Vodafone   ✥   EE   ✥   O2

Sky   ✥   BT   ✥   Plusnet   ✥   TalkTalk

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